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Abdul Galil Radman Company is well known under this name for 35 years. But its roots date back to the last century when the great grandfather of the family started in 1894 his trade career in Aden.
This had continued for more than on hundred years with three successive generations. The last generation of Mr Radman Ahmed Kassim and brothers who set up the real bases at the company .
In 1970, the qualitative turn happened as the company moved to Hodeidah & started expansion in its business activities.
Since then, the steps accelerated in a way that enabled the company to complete the institutional structure & be ready to confront the economic developments which started to appear in the country. The company turned into a company with limited liabilities in 1972 & its name changed into Abdul Galil Radman Trading Co. Ltd .
In 1976, the company crowned its business by a wider step that is to establish the first factory to produce dairy & its derivatives ( Ice cream, Yoghurt, Milk, various juices ) under the name of The United Dairy & Food Industries Co., Ltd ..
After that, the company continued its expansions by establishing the United Company for Sponge & Plastic Industries Ltd., in Taiz in 1984 .
Followed by establishing a factory for manufacturing wire mesh, nails & building materials in Taiz in 1986 .
By gathering these companies, Abdul Galil Radman Trading & Industrial Companies Group was established.
Then, the group broke into the world of trade in the field of drugs & pharmaceuticals , then Yemen Stores for Drugs & Dental Supplies was established.
In 1997, the group entered the world of trade in the field of importing electronics & home appliances under the name of Reco Electronics .
The last company is United Company for Manufacturing Carton & Packing Materials Ltd., which has been established in 1997 in Hodeidah .It begins it’s real products in 2001 , to Join the group of Abdul Galil Radman Companies .Moreover, the group is an official agent for several global companies in different fields .

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