Yemen Stores for Drugs and Medical Supplies     

Yemen Stores for Drugs and Medical Supplies ( YSDMS ) is a member of Radman Group of Companies, which was established in 1970. YSDMS was founded in 1995 with a capital of US$ 500.000.
It dealt at the beginning of its establishment with dental supplies, then it extended its scope of interest to cover drugs and general medical supplies.
The company is one of the main suppliers of medical products and drugs all over the country.
It bids in almost in all the governmental tenders and supplies most of the Yemeni public and private hospitals and clinics with their needs.
The company witnesses continuous growth in terms of capital and field of work, which enabled it to achieve a turnover of 2.1 million US Dollar in 2001.
The company now owns branches all over the country covering the main Yemen governorates such as Such as Sana’a, Aden, Taiz & Hodeidah, etc.
The total number of employees working for YSDMS is 25 including 12 salesmen.
YSDMS acts as an exclusive distributor for the following international companies :
- Toray Medical –Japan. – Polystan – Denmark.
- Roche Diagnostics. – Boston Scientific – USA.
- Heart Medical Europe – USA/EU. – Vygon – France.
- Ackerman Instruments GmbH – Germany. – Vita – Germany.
Eckhart Health Supplement – USA. – Bego – Germany.
- Pierre Faber sante – France.
- Satelec Pierre Rolland – France.

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